OK, that's not true. That headline is false. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom was not caught in a drug-fueled binge at Beck's Motorlodge with talented San Francisco treasure Bambi Lake.

But if SFist had gone forward with the false story, Gavin Newsom could now correct our slip without going to other blogs or "competing" papers. Now he can simply post about our error on his new corrections page.

Sort of similar to what SF Supervisor Chris Daly does over at The Daly Blog, Newsom's site now features a corrections section where the politico himself can tell us, more or less, what's what. (Unlike Daly, however, Newsom will not write said corrections himself. It looks like that job will go to Gav spokesman Nathan Ballard. But we could be wrong. If so, look for us on Newsom's site.) Newsom's first retort goes to San Francisco Chronicle scribe Robert Selna, who (allegedly) wrote something false about that New Mission Theater/Medjool typo controversy that puts us to sleep. (Note to Ballard: pretty please provide links.)

If the mood should strike, check out the corrections page.