Briefly touched upon last week when the final batch of Prop 8 donor names unfurled, Utah citizens and the LDS Church spent more on getting Prop. 8 passed than previously known. According to the Salt Lake Tribune:

Utahans and the LDS Church spent significantly more than previously reported on last-minute efforts to push passage of California's ban of same-sex marriage, newly filed financial disclosures show.

Donations from as many as 1,025 individual and businesses in Utah to both sides of the Proposition 8 campaign totaled about $3.8 million, according to new filings with California's secretary of state, with more than 70 percent going to groups supporting the successful measure.

This is unnerving. And, most disconcerting, not at all surprising.

The California State Supreme court will begin hearing arguments on Prop 8 starting March 5. Be sure to watch it all go down at 9am on the California Channel. (Also, hey, no way, we have a California Channel! Who knew?)

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