Previously on "Top Chef," local chef Jamie Lauren made crab, NOT scallops.

Quickfire Challenge. Eric Ripert was the guest judge and the challenge had three parts. Part one, clean and butterfly two sardines in five minutes. Jamie slaughtered her tiny fish and was eliminated from the rest of the challenge. Part two was filleting an arctic char in five minutes, and part three was peeling and filleting an eel--that was still moving. Ick! Stefan won. Ick!

The next day the chefs had lunch at La Bernardin, Ripert's seafood restaurant. The food looked almost as tasty as Chef Ripert himself. At the end of the meal the chefs had to draw knives, and were told they had to recreate the six-course meal as their challenge. Jamie was stuck with the dish that was her least favorite of the meal, a sauteed black bass with braised celery and a Serrano ham and peppercorn sauce.