Even when obvious troll is obvious, readers still wring their hands and pull their hair. Take, for example, brilliant Curbed commenter "Bree" from OC. See, Bree, who is the unofficial mascot of SFist until further notice, allegedly hails from Orange County and would like to know where in SF she and her fetch friends can live on the cheap in la Mission. In a heated American Apparel post, Bree asks for Frisco's help.

My friends and I are totally hoping to get a great apartment in the mission (that's the neighborhood between valencia and dolores, and 24th and 15th--I read about it in C magazine's travel section, they had a great article about it). I was hoping you guys could help. It needs to have parking (I totally need to learn how to ride public transportation, but until then, I just *can't* move without my car ha ha!) We also need a big space, with hardwood floors, laundry, and some nice new appliances (oh, and a dishwasher--I totally *don't* do dishes ha ha.) We want to be around authentic restaurants, that the locals would go to. Like Foreign Cinema. Or restaurants that are totally unique to the Mish and don't exist anywhere else (like Luna Park). Dive Bars are a MUST! And we totally would love to live in an authentic live/work space. I will be working in the financial district.

Her comment prompts one of the best comment threads ever on Curbed. Some get her, some want to mutilate her. Even Chicken John (remember him?) steps into the fray, but only to unsuccessfully steer the conversation back to himself. Of course.

Anyway, Bree returns for more. Be sure to check it out today. (An aside: Bree, if you really are out there, we can show you that there's more to life than giving head in the parking lot of El Torito on Taco Tuesdays. San Francisco welcomes you!)