Seeing as how the entire American Apparel-on-Valencia brouhaha was traffic gold -- and the Gate/Chron is on no financial position to turn down traffic -- it seemed like writing about the AA store meeting at City Hall was a given for most local pubs. Today, after reading a Tweet asking if the Chronicle planned on covering yesterday's American Apparel planning commission meeting, we asked political scribe Carla Marinucci and editor Audrey Cooper the following.

"[Will you] be covering yesterday's American Apparel meeting? Just curious since it seems to be everywhere save the Chron."

Cooper responds, "Are you asking for a quote, Brock? If that's what you want, give me a call."


Not about to waste one minute of our mobile communication device's plan on Chronicle editorial staff, we replied "No. not a direct quote. Just wondering if you guys plan on publishing it or not."

The Coop shoots back:

"I know you have a post up about this, but generally I don't share our story budgets or coverage plans with competitors, sorry.

In other news, while we're chatting, can I just say for the record that I love all the alt. publications that make fun of the Chronicle. Heck, sometimes I even participate. But your item ["Siebel Almost Bares All Via New On Demand/Pay-Per-View Movie"] about my reporter [John Cote] wanting to bang the mayor's wife was really vulgar and (even worse) misleading.

I'm sure that sounds uptight, but I just had to share.

Well, NOW we're taking a direct quote.

First, we're thrilled (and somewhat surprised) to know that SFist is considered a serious competitor at the Chronicle. We're flattered.