While we want to vomit all over our keyboard when we see this (dead) term pop up in the comments -- because we're just that real -- Laughing Squid has a fantastic linguistic conversation going on about, exactly, a "hipster" is. Some think of a "hipster" as anyone who blows rails in the bathrooms at Pop's, some view them as anyone who isn't a fat IT slob with an Asian fetish, and others think of a "hipster" as anyone who dons slim-fitting jeans (?!).

Scott Beale asked his Twitter ilk how they personally define this hot-button noun. Jeffrey Kalmikoff responds, "A self-assumed coolness, individuality and importance surpass their ability to see their conformity." How do we define it, you ask? Not sure. However, more often than not, we see it used by those who haven't forgiven God for allowing them grow out of the cherished 18-to-25 year-old age range. But what say you? (Extra credit for those of you who use the Foxworthyian 'you might be a redneck" format.)