After venting on one of the many American Apparel threads we have going -- one a day keeps the cold pricklies away! -- SFist commenter Angrybat had a swell idea. He suggests that everyone switch their position and argue for the other side, re American Apparel. Which will, hopefully, be fun. And thought-provoking. And remind you of high school debate class.

So, TAYM, Travin, and all of you who have so vigorously come to praise or bury slut clothing retailer American Apparel, we want to hear at least one good argument for the other side. Who knows? Some of you might even surprise yourselves when you' stop toeing the line.

Oh, and you will not get extra credit for this. We would start things off, but like Chloë Sevigny, we too are bubbling over with chic insouciance. That is to say, we don't care one way or another.

Now... go.