Previously on "Top Chef," local chef Jamie Lauren did NOT make scallops.

Quickfire Challenge: Make some thing for guest judge Scott Conant. It involved a stupid "Superbowl pool" type of assignment system, with the main ingredient being Quaker Oats and a randomly chosen second ingredient. Jamie ended up with fruit, but didn't want to do sweet, so she made a coconut and oatmeal crusted fried shrimp with a nectarine salsa and avocado creme fraiche. Conant liked it, but gave the win to Stefen. Of course!

Elimination Challenge: Top Chef Bowl. The chefs would cook against a chef from a previous season, and make a regional meal based on a football team's town. Jamie went against Camille (who?) cooking a San Francisco (49ers) meal, natch. However, she got a case of chef-block and had no idea what to make.