SF Weekly is positively livid this morning that local media outlets previewed the 2009 Rubik's Cube Competition, but failed to publish said competition's esults. And SFist is one of them. (Stupid inauguration!) So, in an effort to provide you with thorough Rubik's Cube coverage, and to atone for our mistake(s), here are the main winners from last Sunday's '80s puzzle showdown.

Rubik's Cube (five heats): Chris Dzoan (at right), USA, average time 14.58 seconds; Rubik's Cube --

Blindfolded: Leyan Lo, USA, best time 1:29.58

Rubik's Cube -- one-handed: Jeremy Fleishman, USA, average time 23.04 seconds

4x4x4 Cube: Andy Tsao, USA, average time 58.56 seconds

5x5x5 Cube: Michael Gottlieb, USA, average time 1:32.71

Pyraminx: Arthur Adams, USA, average time 8.36 seconds

We have no idea who these people are.