In an effort to dilute itself into irrelevance, Join the Impact, a grassroots No On 8 site, has now taken on Our Patron Saint of BART Police Oppression, Oscar Grant.

In its most recent post, JTI scribe "willow" starts off telling No On 8 folks that, "It is difficult for me to find words at the moment to express my feelings of absolute horror and disbelief around the shooting of Oscar Grant (graphic and not suitable for children or work)." Then, miraculously, "willow" finds 892 of them to prattle on about the horrific killing of BART passenger Oscar Grant.

Just what the nature of Oscar's relationship with the LGBTQ community was is beyond us. If you know, let us in on it.

Anyway, this is exactly what SFist Mattymatt predicted the day after the protest. Fizzle fizzle fizzle. But the one bright side to crazy super-left-wing mouth-foaming like this? It keeps the idiots busy, so they don't bother the grownups as they go about doing serious work to overturn prop 8.

Gosh, Stonewall 2.0 lasted even less time than Web 2.0. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Image: Zombietime