Ripe with cigar smoke-filled rooms of tension and drama -- because all the board members hate each other, etc. -- the Board of Supervisors will soon vote for their new president. The drama this time around is that Daly sorta, kinda wants it, but no one will vote for him. Or so we assume. So Daly's trying to get John Avalos to take the lead. Which isn't a bad idea at all.

The more conservatives members of the board, however, don't want a progressive to be the president again, so they might try championing Sophie Maxwell. But Ross Mirkarimi could, and very well might, take the swing vote, and call it a day come Thursday when the vote is scheduled. (He's calling it "part beauty pageant and part power struggle.") What's more, SFBG has endorsed Mirkarimi for pres, more or less giving him their prog seal of approval.

Further complicating things, though, is anyone who's the president cannot win further elective office in San Francisco. Those who want to run for mayor after Gavin leaves office probably won't want the position. But that's merely speculation.

Also, City Hall wonks are gathering at SoMa's Temple Bar on Thursday night "for a roast of the four newbies" on the board. And it's going to be called "Roasted Supe." Hee!