Crestfallen doesn't begin to describe how we feel what we're about to tell you. Akit's Complaint Department informs us that BART has removed their much-loved, nascent "Rude Rider Hall of Shame." They leave us dangling with this message.

Looking for rude riders? We've heard that not everyone is comfortable with that kind of photo sharing. We respect that, so we're leaving it to Flickr and TwitPic. Thanks to everyone who submitted photos here and, yes, we agree: it's not ok to bring aboard a full-sized mattress or leave a spilled bag of Cheetos on the seat. If you have any other ideas for photo sharing sections please let us know!

First Adam's Block cracks under the pressure of a big bunch of irrelevant pseudo-hippie tools; now BART follows suit. Sigh. Looks like Jameth alone will lead us all into an inevitable captured-on-film future.