Pro-abortion folks got an eyeful this week when a mammoth pro-life poster was erected in San Francisco on December 31. The 20-foot x 60-foot billboard can be seen by more than 100,000 vehicles on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge overpass at Fourth and Bryant Streets in San Francisco.

In addition to shaming ladies into keeping their babies, the billboard is also ad for the fun-filled Walk for Life West Coast, taking place on January 24. The Walk for Like West Coast is an annual excursion of crazy people on both sides of the abortion argument who gather in San Francisco once a year to incoherently scream at one another.

The ad features a bunch of females carrying a banner reading, "Abortion Hurts Women." Of course, one has to know that lack of access to birth control hurts more women than abortion does. But we digress. Because the best part of this is the billboard's placement below a "Left 4 Dead" ad, making the whole thing devilishly comical. You know, because abortion is murder. Or not.