by Tiffany Maleshefski

Lately, our heads have been even so cluttered with competing schedules, to-do lists, complaints about Muni, and people who have just SO pissed us off, we've barely gotten a chance to complain about the tourists that have taken over Union Square. Of course, there are the more important things we should really be directing our capacity to bitch: the economy, seemingly endless war, auto industry bailouts, and daily reports of more folks getting laid off. But frankly, we're flat out exhausted and only have time to focus on the pettier things in life. Fortunately, bartenders Scott Brody and Camber Lay over at Epic Roasthouse gave us some focus with their Fog Lifter. Hot, delicious individually dripped coffee spiked with a bit of yummy rum, alcoholic cream, and the thickest dollop of whipped cream on top; it certainly cleared our heads (or at least got it out of our proverbial rear).

So now you're probably judging us, thinking, "Well, la-dee-da, Epic. Must be nice to just swing on over to Epic Roasthouse whenever you're feeling down and casually drop $70 on happy hour." Well, the big secret here is the restaurant's upstairs lounge, aka Quiver Bar. Here you'll find hella rad views of the bay and a super sweet happy hour menu. Plus, if you recall, we're showing you how to bring all this joy into your kitchen and living rooms, so stop judging us already!

Fog Lifter

½ oz. Plantation rum
1 oz. Lauria Alpensahne Alpine Cream liqueur
Approximately 4 oz. of coffee.
Whipped cream

Rinse coffee glass with hot water. Add liquor and coffee. Top with whipped cream. And if you are somehow hooked up with Teecino (herbal coffee with crushed almonds) sprinkle it on top.

Do: Savor every delicious mouthful of cold cream hitting hot coffee.

Don't: Think just because there's coffee in it, you can start every morning off with one.