by Tiffany Maleshefski

You know what we love? When cartons of egg nog start to appear on the grocery store shelves. Yes, we said egg nog, that creamy, slightly sweet, vanilla-esque, mystery drink that, thanks to advancements in food science, now even boasts low-fat versions. You know what we hate? When we bring home a carton of this perennial treat and our offers to pour someone a glass is met with, OH GROSS, or I HATE egg nog, or GET IT AWAY FROM ME!


We just don’t get it. We’re even smitten by egg nog-flavored lattes and cheesecake. Perhaps the problem is this good ol’ fashion bevy needs to be spiced up a bit…like say, lighting it on fire.(Although we strongly recommend Jonathan Hunt's recipe for it, which is best sipped as-is.) The hottest recipe we’ve ever seen of this time-honored tradition hails from the BOA Steakhouse (Santa Monica, Las Vegas, West Hollywood), where, yes, the bartenders are known to set martinis filled with spiked egg nog on fire.

Since we have a can-do attitude here at SFist, we’re more than happy to encourage our home chefs to try making this drink at home. But for the love of god, please make sure you have a fire extinguisher within arms reach when you do.

COCKTAIL: #4 Flaming Egg nog

1 1/2 ounce Captain Morgan spiced rum
4 ounce house egg nog
1/2 ounce float of Bacardi 151
Sprinkle of nutmeg to garnish

Mix rum and egg nog in a shaker with ice and shake. Strain into a martini glass, float the 151, and garnish with nutmeg. At the table, light the 151 on fire.

Do: Show the world once and for all why egg nog is really a superior holiday treat.

Don’t: Flame your egg nog if you are drunk, around children, drunk and around children, or the person people often mistake for a complete moron.