Taking a page from Karen Walker's handbook, Bay Area real-estate agent Mabelle de la Rosa Dann (AKA Mabelle Crabbe) is in federal court today on charges of coaxing a Peruvian nanny to her Walnut Creek home for a better life, but instead kept her as an "indentured servant for nearly two years."


Some of the charges railed against Dann are: failing to pay her for her work, charging her around $15,000 for Dann's expenses in Peru including her costs for searching for nannies before she hired Pena-Canal, food rationing, threatening the nanny with deportation, explaining to her that "[w]hen you come to the United States, you must suffer," and forcing her to live on the living room floor.

In April of this year, ran away from her job/prison after telling people at Indian Valley Elementary School about the nightmarish conditions.

Dann's ruling is eagerly awaited.