Sunnyside, famous for its collapsing houses, falling trees, naughty neighbors, and proximity to Daly City, was the site of an explosion that rocked the hood at around 7:45 Monday night. The explosion happened in the garage of 108 Congo, which four young brothers who "fix cars" (according to a neighbor) called home. Several other people share the rest of the house. While there are some residents still in the hospital, no life-threatening injuries have been reported. If you're in the area, go say hi to SFist favorite, Claudine Wong. (She's wearing leather today.)

Update I: According to an anonmyous source, who tried to walk down Congo when it was closed street just after the explosion, an SFPD officer approached and said, "No, sorry it's closed; It's a crime scene."

Update II: Three people who were inside the house at the time of the explosion are still in the hospital. House is "leaning" now, looking like it could collapse.