This week Marjorie tried to convince herself that she'd try to calm the hell down and not let her nerves get to her, although she was also under the impression that her nerves made her interesting.

Challenge! Paulina tries to teach them how to sell things without words, like pretending that herring smells terrific, or toilet paper is as soft as a feather boa. This lead to the challenge, which was to audition for a commercial. Mark Vanderloo was their acting partner, and they all had to kiss him. He did not seem too thrilled with the kissing. Surprisingly Marjorie did not completely blow it by tripping over a rake and having a bucket fall on her head on her way to kissing the supermodel, and in fact won the challenge. She won a $10,000 shopping spree at G-Star Denim that she shared with Analeigh.

Back at the loft, Marjorie realized she was incredibly horny, and decided to invite the boys that shuffled them around on their go-sees over for wine and sex charades. Soon, Marjorie was making out with a random dude, and then getting into a hot tub fully clothed. Luckily (?), they kicked the boys out before anything truly salacious happened.