No, no, no.


Why is this coming down? See, frequent SFist commenter Plumpy (Michael Plump) just sent in this harrowing image, showing the Mission's Katz Bagels big, fake bagel/alien spacecraft being removed this afternoon. In graphic detail Plumpy reports from the scene at 16th Street today.

The gigantic bagel above Katz (yummy) Bagels & (nasty) Pizza came down today. I'm not sure why because the workers were ignoring repeated shouted questions from the small crowd. Instead, they were focusing their efforts on, you know, loading a giant fucking bagel into a pickup truck. I'm an optimist, so I'm just going to assume they're, uh, refurbishing it. Or whatever the term is for cleaning up a over-sized food product.

So. Um. They're just cleaning it, right? Right?! Really, what's happening to all of the signage in the Mission

Update: We attempted to call Katz Bagels, only to be greeted with a phone-disconnection voice recording.