How can you click on a link entitled "Yelper Seeks Place to Spend $500 on Sushi on a Sunday"? Well, maybe you can restrain yourself, but not this Internet Website reader. So, away we go from the glorious Eater SF, and into the bowels of Yelp, where user "Ethan L., " who is planning for "girl's big day" (is this like Administrative Assistants' Professionals' Day?) asks:

Since both of us love sushi with passion, what would you recommend for an upscale sushi place in SF? Price range is about 300-500 for the 2 of us.

This is where we need you to imagine that record scratching sound you hear in a movie trailer when, like, a white person uses "urban" slang, a dog moves in with a cat, or a straight person is confused with a homosexual.

Because, wait, Ethan's asking about San Francisco, not NY or Tokyo, right? Is it even possible to spend 300-500 bucks on two person sushi in the Bay Area? If so, what does that entail, like, fish made of gold? A metric ton of toro? Or, and we hate to even suggest this, is Yelper Ethan L. (of the Fremont L.s, if his profile is accurate) trying to show off?

We're not even going to start with how this economy makes us loath to make a $500 purchase we'll be dislodging with flax seeds (if you know what we mean), since we do get that fancy restaurants are expensive and Big Girl Day comes only once a year (?).

If there's anyone who knows where and how to blow half a grand on raw fish, it's SFist readers. Would you do it? Could you do it? Should Ethan and "girl" do it? If so, where?