But wait! There's a link for "Employment Opportunities"! We didn't click... it's just too sad.

When we attended last week's Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board meeting at the "Caltrain brain" in San Carlos, we felt somewhat in the grips of an unfeeling state bureaucracy... until we saw the plate of Mother's oatmeal cookies thoughtfully provided for our refreshment (see photo).

Oh, the PCJPB also treated us to the promise of more bike capacity on Caltrain. Or rather, the promise of looking into more bike capacity.

We plan to stop by the large corporate supermarket on the way home from work today and buy up as many packs as we can -- they'll keep. And we must admit that we prefer them somewhat stale: our traditional procedure is to open the pack and leave it to air out for a painful, tempting day or two before madly scarfing the softened cookies, a whole rack at a time.