So it should come as no surprise that she was all doom and gloom at the beginning of this week's episode, lamenting the fact that she has no "positive mantra," unlike her chipper housemates, including Analeigh. Marjorie acknowledged that she is a bundle of nerves, and it isn't helping in the competition.

Challenge! Paulina taught the girls that during catalog shoots, it is likely they will have to wear ill-fitting clothes, and the solution to that is shoulder pads, a water bottle, and duct tape. Paulina is the MacGyver of modeling! Marjorie continued her kvetching, realizing she doesn't see the judges as human beings she can relate to. Plus, the pants she had to wear were horrible, which led to some ass-grabbing by Paulina. Perhaps her ass-grabbing was a little too forceful, for soon Marjorie was in tears and trying to explain, in her jumbled-word, awkward-girl way, that she was out of her comfort zone. Paulina seemed to totally get it, proclaiming that Marjorie's behavior was "socially acceptable" in Europe. It's a European thing, y'all.