California, Please Vote No On Proposition 8 from on Vimeo.

While Sarah Palin held her own last night during last night's debate, more or less, and Joe Biden shed an effeminate tear that touched millions, both team McCain-Palin and team Barack-Biden bit it hard when it came to human rights. Take, for example, their stances against same-sex marriage, which both candidates, it seems, are 100% against. (But Palin doesn't mind the queers doing her hair and makeup; she's very "tolerant" of people, you see. All of them.)

And what with those cheap Yes on Prop 8 commercials bashing Mayor Newsom -- featuring Pepperdine University law professor Richard M. Peterson, who, according to his bio, "has more than thirty years experience working with adolescents and teenagers in a variety of capacities including service as a director of youth organizations for his church, athletic coach, adult leader for various troops of the Boy Scouts of America, and has taught numerous religious classes." What? Just saying is all. -- we think this is a perfect time to revisit efforts to strike down Proposition 8, the anti-marriage Constitutional amendment. Because, in the words of Mattymatt, "Who knows what kind of 'impure' unions they'll target next? This is an important showdown for all of us: gay, straight, and whatever."

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