Jessica, who is calling herself "Sugar" on the show, introduced herself as a "retro pin-up model," not an actress. So, guessing that's her strategy? Or something? She was picked second, by a photographer, natch, during the team pickin' portion--Team Kota. They got first place in the first challenge, which won them an extra bag of food.

At their camp site, Sugar tried to make light of the fact that they are all surrounded by potentially man-eating animals, and bathing in the lake wasn't going to be happening any time soon.

In the first immunity challenge Team Kota totally kicked Team Fang's asses, winning immunity and flint. But that wasn't the end, because it was a TWO-HOUR premiere. Lordy.

Nothing of much interest happened with shiny happy Team Kota until the Immunity Challenge, which was also for a reward of fishing gear and involved pushing giant balls around a course, getting keys, and unlocking a gate. Kota won and sent Dan from Team Fang to Exile Island.

Obviously, Sugar lucked out in getting picked for her team, and so far, she hasn't done anything egregious. Let's see if she/they can keep it up!