A reader sends us info (and several images) on a shooting that occurred early this morning in front of an apartment on Hyde between O"Farrell and Geary streets. Here's all we know so far.

I can't find any reports of this anywhere, but last night/early this morning, a man was shot in the doorway of an apartment on hyde st. between o'farrell and geary streets at 1:30am. There was a single shot, no screeching of tires or anything...so the shooter must have been on foot...then someone was crying and yelling louder and louder so we went to the window and saw a man with a woman over him and people running across the street towards him saying he was shot. I called 911 but I think someone else already had because the cops came within one minute of my call...[t]here is still blood today in the spot where he was shot.

Considering how bloody the aftermath appears in these photos, we're surprised we too couldn't find anuy reports about this in an MSM news sources. If you find any, let us know in the comments.