Our friends at Eater SF alerted us to a provocative Yum Sugar post detailing their contributor's somewhat funky experience at an unnamed San Francisco "small (but popular) restaurant that sells burgers and sausages to go."

Told that her order would take 15 minutes to complete, she was surprised to hear the counterperson announce:

Hey, listen up everybody! The tip jar is right here, and if you could make a generous contribution that would be great . . . dollars only, please!

The intention of the Yum Sugar post is to sweetly invite comment on what their readers would do, were they to find themselves in a similar situation.

We'd like to think we know all of you well enough to know what your response would be (that is, by those of you with the quad strength to squat over a jar) -- what we want to know is, what restaurant do y'all think was home to this act of gratuitous aggression?

Guesses, conjecture, and fake or real first person accounts in the comments, pretty please.