We're sure none of our esteemed readers make a habit of hauling ass down to Fresno to stock up on copycatty duds made under disconcerting conditions -- especially when you can buy the same jesus-freaky stuff right here in Union Square.

But, honestly, we don't know what goes on in y'all's lives, so we wouldn't judge you if you've found yourself purchasing a charmingly slutty ensemble from Forever 21 at one point or another over the last few years. And to those of you who are smirking guiltily, we suggest you hop on over to one of those free credit report services, just to make sure everything on you're record's on the up and up.

Why? Our friends at Racked are reporting that "98,930 credit and debit card numbers" have been swiped from those crazy knockers-off, with Fresno's Shaw Ave. location being particularly hard hit.

Sure, it's fun to make fun of cheap clothes, and even funner to make fun of Fresno, but the real reason we're telling you this is because identity theft is a stone cold bitch, and we don't want it happening to y'all. You can still tell us that jacket's Marc Jacobs, just go run that credit report. We'll wait.