Better dead than red? Some are saying it's one and the same -- that is, if you live in Mission.

What with the Mission district seeing an astounding seven murders since August 22, many are fretting about whether or not wear certain gang colors. Sureños prefer cooling yet vibrant shades of blue, and Norteños seem to enjoy passionate and soulful red tones.

Now, SFist has been getting email after email asking us if it's OK to wear these colors. (Oh, if only.) And yesterday, local LiveJournal blogger Jörm von Motörhead mentioned not sporting "the color blue over the next week or so as the Sureños claim blue."

We've also heard whispers about not wearing red.

Looking for primary color guidance, we went to supervisor Tom Ammiano for answers. When asked whether or not average Mission dwellers should steer clear from red or blue right now, or whether or not this is just a myth, Ammiano tells SFist, "given the situation it's probably better to give some thought to wardrobe -- especially for young people it's a real concern."

And, there you have it.

But what about redheads, you ask? Yeah, it's best for those types to move to the other side of Marker Street. Or, better yet, out of the city altogether. We don't want your kind here, gingers.