Once again, lots of sticky, viscous blood bathed the streets of San Francisco. Let's see, we had a 19-year-old man shot while strolling along 23rd Street and Treat, two people shot inside a car at 23rd and Arkansas Streets, a murder at McAllister and Fillmore in the Western Addition, and it's only Sunday afternoon!

This weekend's most recent gun play happened despite an increased police presence in the Mission (which was sparked by this and this), but that hasn't stopped future CA Governor Newsom from going on the defense about his crime record. He claims that, according to CBS 5, "violent crime is down and so is the city's homicide rate this year," so quit your bitching.

Regarding the recent Mission shooting extravaganza, Newsom goes on to say:

All of the law enforcement in the world is not going to create a peaceful environment ... I don't want to get into the details of these investigations, but you got folks from all over the Bay Area who happen to be in San Francisco doing things that they shouldn't be doing.

Well, it's certainly not these "folks," right? But we want to know, where do you think these "folks" are coming from? Is it:

a) South San Francisco
b) Atherton
c) Oakland
d) Richmond
e) Buttonwillow

Your guess is as good as ours.