If we may add a teaspoon of alarmism to you afternoon coffee, you are going to get mugged and/or killed. And soon. And right here in SF.

OK, not exactly. But today's article in the Chronicle, "Surge of Robberies in the Bay Area and Beyond," has us feeling like we just spent the day flipping back and forth between Cold Case Files and Law & Order marathons. See, a lady had her purse violently snatched from her in broad daylight last July in the Marina District. And no one, it seems, came to her rescue while she screamed for help during the attack. She tells the Chron:

"As a single woman living in the city, I always thought if I screamed loud enough somebody would come and help me," said Terri, who asked that her last name not be used because she fears retribution from the two suspects who are facing robbery charges.

"But the reality is nobody is going to come. It made me see the city in a whole different light."

This puzzles us since San Franciscans live for sticking their noses in other people's business. (Have you ever seen passersby helpfully swarm over a lost tourist who needs directions to the Wharf? We really are a helpful bunch here in the City.) We're certain that none of you, dear readers, would ever ignore a damsel in distress. Or would you?

Oh, and your unbridled Marina hate can commence...now.