Current San Francisco Mayor, possible future Governor of California, and still-lost-inside-Siebel's-sugar-walls honeymooner Gavin Newsom is throwing some sort of party at the Denver Democratic National Convention. It's cloyingly called Unconventional 08, molded for "generation Obama" (good grief), and rumor is there will be enough hookers and blow for everyone. (We expect a full report on the shwag grab from Paul Hogarth the moment it ends!)

Oh, and the party's top sponsors? MoveOn, AT&T, and PG&E. Our dear friends, those wacky pinko commie tools, are all in a fuss over it. And rightfully so. Perhaps. Maybe. Whatever. But in the argument over whether or not "clean energy will win over dirty money," all signs point toward the latter. They always do. But what say you?

Update: MoveOn isn't sponsoring Newsom's power party. Some sort of "miscommunication," or whatever.