ECLIPSE: As we mentioned before, the Exploratorium is having a solar eclipse viewing slumber party. And for those of you non-agoraphobes who won't be watching it on Second Life, head over to Cow Hollow for a slumber party/eclipse viewing party. Be sure to pack your sleeping bag or blanket for an old-fashion camp out on the museum floor. The museum cafe will be open from 9 p.m.-midnight, but bringing a picnic lunch - especially for those of your ingesting spiked brownies - is strongly encouraged. (Conversely, you can watch the sun-blocking action at home here or here, streamed live from China.)

9 p.m.-4 a.m. // Exploratorium (3601 Lyon) // $11-$6

MUSIC: "Elliott Smith with a cello" is the way John Graham tells us NOT to describe the music of music of Luke Janela. But, well, that's good enough for us. The dreamy (though melancholic) and smooth sounding cellist performs tonight in the Mission along with Seaquencer and Round Mountain.

9 p.m. // Amnesia (853 Valencia) // $7-$10