It's one of the very few things that break our cold, cynical, dead heart: kids going hungry in SF. And while summer vacation is the golden months of the year for must young kids, for many it means going without lunch, which is the most nourishment many of them see in day. Even though in our income-rich city, there are 150,000 people who go hungry every day. Ouch.

Luckily, there's the SF Food Bank, which provides fresh produce, bread, meat, etc, to low-income people. If you have some spare time or money, it's a great place to volunteer or donate. We interviewed Paul Ash, the executive director of the SF Food Bank.

Oh, and another way to help? You can stuff yourself bulimia-style with gastronomic morsels prepared by super chefs Tracy DesJardins (Jardiniere) and Elizabeth Falkner (Orson, Citizen Cake) at the Wine.Dine.Donate dinner organized this Wednesday 6:15pm at ACME Chop House by to benefit the Second Harvest, which is the network of Food Banks. And if you'll firgive the Sally Struthers moment, for just $125 you can help your local food bank, while getting a superb dinner out of it. What a deal!

Our chat with SF Food Bank director Paul Ash after the jump. (At left, Ash pictured with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.