We'll admit it, we've always hated that hoser who requests -- nay, demands -- brown rice over white when we go out for family style (like, Thai, Indian, Chinese) meals. Doubleplus hate goes to those who follow that order with a tight smile and a remark like "Oh, I don't eat white" or "brown is so much better for you." (Tangent: how do those people ever enjoy a freaking Oreo? Never mind.)

But after this correspondent had a long heart-to-heart with a nutritionist today, we might have to mentally apologize to those folks*, because apparently, the BR isn't just more sustainable than its paler counterpart, but once you start reading about the two, it's hard to ignore its nutritional superiority.

As we're incapable of unknowing, um, knowledge, we've decided to make the switch. Which is easy when we're dining on the Thai, but how are we going to handle maki or nigiri style sushi? Sure, there's plenty of BR to be found in grody supermarket sushi aisles, but a yelp search on the term only yielded one accurate result (we called the others listed, no dice): some place in Palo Alto.

Are our only options for sushi made with brown rice in Palo Alto or Bristol Farms? This can't possibly be right. Readers, correct us in the comments.

Not to the "I don't eat white" announcers, though. Those guys can go fuck themselves.