Terry Childs, 43, City Hall's computer network administrator, was arrested and charged with four counts of computer tampering this past weekend. Why? Well, according to the Chronicle, he "tampered with the city's new FiberWAN (Wide Area Network), where records such as officials' e-mails, city payroll files, confidential law enforcement documents and jail inmates' bookings are stored." That is to say, he created his eyes only a master password for the entire network. And after his supervisors triedfiring him for poor job performance? Childs decided not to reveal the critical password. It's a case of good old fashion job insurance, folks. Anyway, Child now sits in the clink rwith a $5 million bail. Alas, an IT geek from Pittsburg has finally -- finally!! -- brought the City to its knees. Bravo, Childs. Bravo.