While we can all agree that San Francisco is a bit grimy compared to other major metropolitan cities -- there always seems to be just the slightest film covering the San Francisco, yes? -- we're saddened to report that West Side of SF will start to get ever dirtier. It seems that the area of San Francisco west of Twin Peaks (i.e., districts 2, 4 and 11) will see a reduction in street cleaning due to cost-cutting over at City Hall. While the East Side will get to keep its regularly scheduled once-a-week douching -- technically because East Side rulez, mo-fos! -- the West Side would be cleaned only on the first and third weeks of the month." According to a livid post on the Argonaut,"the recommendation that the West Side of San Francisco be uncleanded twice a month came from a private consultant firm hired by the city." Are you OK with this, dirty West Siders? Y/N?