We just found out the answer to the question of whether the A's were going to go for it and make a run at the playoffs or fold their tents for awhile-- they're folding. Just this afternoon it was announced that the A's traded Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin to the Cubbies for right-handed pitcher Sean Gallagher, catcher Josh Donaldson, infielder Eric Patterson, outfielder Matt Murton, and a bag of beans. Citing injuries, Beane said it was a move he had to do-- the recent eight game losing streak probably forced his hand.

As for analysis on the trade, Athletics Nation is, err, trusting in Billy Beane but barely. The A's Fanhouse not so much. The bigger impact will be on the Cubs who just raised the Brewers one ace. That is, if Harden stays healthy.

In Warriors news, the Chronicle is saying that secret sources are saying that the Warriors are going to sign Corey Maggette, ex of the Clippers. Nobody seems to like it.

Oh, and Mickael Pietrus is now a Magic.