Leapin' lizards! Estimations for the suicide barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge, which initially ran anywhere from $15 million to $25 million, would now cost around $50 million, at least according to environmental assessment released Monday by the Golden Gate Bridge District. The pimped out bridge might include the following: An 8-foot vertical fencing system to the existing 4-foot-tall hand railt; an 8-foot-tall horizontal fencing system to the 4-foot-tall hand rail with a "winglet" or panel on top; replacing the 4-foot-tall hand rail with a 12-foot-tall vertical fence; replacing the 4-foot-tall handrail with a 10-foot-tall horizontal fence with a winglet on top, for a total height of 10 feet; and installing a horizontal net system 20 feet below the sidewalk that extends 20 feet from the bridge. (But can't the distraught just jump over the netting after the first plunge?) The bridge sees an average of two suicides per month.