Ah, finally a few UC Berkeley protesters who aren't selfishly and clinically insane. A few angry lads we could get behind. (That is, if we didn't love the taste and texture of a rare-, medium rare-cooked red meats. Oh! And we're all set to make our very first batch of steak tartate. Is this good? Should be bother making it? WWJWD: What would Joanne Weir do?) Around nine pro-life protesters "in the hills above the University of California's Berkeley campus," according to CBS 5, have staged a demonstration against a toxicology professor. Sporting those inane scarves, they've vandalized one professor's doorstep by writing "killer" in chalk, "hurled insults through a bullhorn and announced, 'Your neighbor kills animals!,'" and broke a few windows for good measure.

Which brings us to this: why is there no noted relationship between anti-abortion activists and animal rights activists? Seems like there should be a greater overlap between the two, yes? No? Please advise.