(By Travis Jensen)

The new Potrero del Sol/La Raza Skatepark officially opened last Saturday in the Mission District. Hundreds of skateboarders came out for the occasion. Mayor Newsom and Jennifer Siebel were even in attendance. With lattes in hand, the two watched in awe as local rippers annihilated the park. The Mayor showed a particular interest in the bowl.

The day’s shred meter was off the charts. Real Skateboards pro Dennis Busenitz absolutely destroyed every obstacle in the street course. Girl Skateboards pro Mike Carroll spracked face high backside ollies on the steep bank. An unknown whippersnapper in purple pants blasted lengthy ollies over the bowl gap. Seriously, this kid couldn’t have been older than fourteen! Up-and-comer Adrew Langi ripped both the street course and bowl as if he had been skating the place his entire life. Dude is definitely on some next shit. Last but not least, an unidentified girl shredded the bowl barefooted, straight Dogtown style. (Follow the jump to continue.)