It is our sad duty to inform you that Baron Davis has opted out of his contract and is probably finished as a Golden State Warrior. Yes, the same Baron Davis who has been reiterating for some time that he intended to stay with us this season, the same Baron Davis who told us to our face (actually, to a newspaper and through his agent) that he was "adamant about remaining a Warrior," that same Baron Davis suddenly changed his tune during the last few hours Monday night that he could do so. God… we can’t believe we were actually attracted to him.

Once again, the one Warriors jersey that everybody owns has become obsolete overnight. That happens a lot to this franchise, huh? There’s some speculation that he’s opting out so he can come back at a reduced salary, but that’s… counterintuitive?

If you still care about what he does or who he sees, internet rumors claim there’s interest from the Pistons and the Cavaliers… or if you’re really optimistic about getting some rebound action, a sign-and-trade for Elton Brand.

(By SFist Joe Kukura)