The suspect allegedly shot the family to death, according to the Chronicle, because Tony "inadvertently blocked another car from completing a left turn onto Congdon from Maynard Street...after the elder Bologna backed up and let the car by." Then, it seems, Ramos, a father himself, got out of his car and sprayed the father and sons with gunfire.

Anyway, there's sure to be tons of press on this story, which sees gang activity fatally overlapping with civilian life, so to speak. The Bologna has established two accounts for contributions. First off, the Anthony Bologna Children's Fund, No. 934-426443-9, c/o Washington Mutual Bank, 845 Laurel St., San Carlos, CA 94070. And the second, the Bologna Family Fund, c/o Wells Fargo Private Client Services, Mac No. A0101-071, 420 Montgomery St., seventh floor, San Francisco, CA 94104.