Mentally-estranged dreamboat Paul Addis -- you know, the guy who performed last year's premature ignition at Burning Man and most recently tried to burn down Courteney Cox-Arquette and David Arquette's chapel of love? -- pleaded guilty to (presumably) arson, winning himself a cool 12-48 month in federal prison. According to Curbed (via Twitter):

Burning Man successful arsonist and Grace Cathedral would-be arsonist Paul Addis plead guilty in Federal court (to which counts, exactly, we haven't yet heard— we're thinking, um, arson). He was reportedly unapologetic in the courtroom, and has been sentenced to 12-24 months in Federal prison. Wondering if they'll be some sort of Addis-centric Voodoo doll stabbing ceremony on the Playa this year?

Stabbing doll or, um, some other kind of doll will do nicely.