Last Saturday's T-Third meets N-Judah collision might be, according to to investigators, might have been the result of a speeding Muni driver and/or someone chatting on their cell phone. KCBS reports:

Investigators say one of the MUNI rail cars involved in a crash Saturday afternoon was speeding and the driver may have been talking on his cell phone. (...) MUNI says drivers are not allowed to talk on the phone while operating a vehicle. Investigators are trying to obtain the operator's cell phone records.

What? Muni drivers are ALWAYS on their mobile communication devices. And they're not supposed to be? We are stunned. Anyway, the car was allegedly "going 17 miles per hour in a 3 mph zone" right before the crash. Jesus.

If you recall, last week's harrowing Muni train crash over on King Street near AT&T landed 12 people in the hospital, all of them with non-life threatening injuries. The drivers of the trains have been relieved of their driving duties as the investigation continues.