jackrebney.jpgWe can't wait to meet the unintentionally hilarious (audio NSFW) "World's Angriest R.V. Salesman" Jack Rebney at the 7:15 Saturday screening of the fourth annual Found Footage Festival! We are promised answers to the following questions: "What does he think of his unintentional cult status? Where has he been? Why was he so angry? And is he going to go off on us?" We'll let you know what happens.

All weekend, the festival will be showcasing brand new, hilarious found video clips that feature everything from workplace sexual harassment videos to a collection of exercise videos by 1985's Playgirl of the Year and a scantily-clad Angela Lansbury. There will be two screenings at the Red Vic on Friday and Saturday nights (7:15 and 9:15) and a matinee at the Parkway Theater in Oakland on Sunday (5 p.m.).

The critically-acclaimed Found Footage Fest, which sold out four shows at the Red Vic last October, is curated and hosted by Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett. SFist really enjoyed the Found Footage Fest Vol 2 DVD.

Found Footage Festival // Red Vic Movie House (1727 Haight St), Friday-Saturday, 7:15 and 9:15 (Jack Rebney appearance on Sat at 7:15 only), $8.50 // Parkway Theater (1834 Park Blvd.), 5 p.m. matinee, $8