Last week the Chicago City Council overturned its ban delicious, smooth, and flavorful foie gras. Rejoice, liver lovers! See, the process of making foie gras involves geese-fattening, which, more or less, means one has to shove food down the birds' throats. And some view the process as a bit cruel.

Anyway, a pro-ife SFGate reader writes o Michael Bauer to, well, basically tell him how righteous he and his girlfriend are. Also, he asked for his thoughts on foie gras. Bauer rebuts with a colorful image of seared foie gras with caramelized apples, shallots and cherries, explaining:

As for foie gras, when I was in Gascony a decade or so ago, I spent some time on a small farm that was fattening geese and producing foie gras, and it seemed to me the birds were humanely treated and lined up and waited patiently at feeding time. However, I have also seen the videos that show the abusive side of the practice.

It seems like if it can be done kindly--if that's possible--then this shouldn't be a debate among meat eaters. But what say you, readers? Should SF ban the savory paste that's been made since the ancient Egyptian times? Or will is set a dangerous precedent?

Bas relief of Egyptian pushing food down geese throats: Wikicommons