Heads have been exploding throughout California ever since this morning's delightful news about same-sex marriage was announced. City Attorney Dennis Herrera, in particular, is beaming--at least according to a press released sent out an hour after the ruling was announced.

"I am profoundly grateful, not only for a decision that will end marriage discrimination for gay and lesbian partners in California, but for the Court's eloquence in stating its conclusion," said Herrera. "Our democratic system was founded on the notion that the courts should not be swayed by public opinion when it comes to protecting our most cherished rights. I'm proud that our state's highest court has taken its role seriously. Today's majority has affirmed our Constitution's promise of equality for millions of Californians and their families."

But are there Bay Area folk who--gasp!--oppose today's ruling? SFist is thrilled that the gays might be able to love legally. But even we have a smattering of die-hard liberal friends and associates who secretly loathe gay marriage (and you know who you are.) For the sake of fair-and-balanced coverage, readers, are there any folks out there who cannot stand the thought of attending a tasteful yet lavish wedding ceremony for Adam and Steve? Can you tell us why? Let us know in the comments section.

Your secret will be safe with us.

(For Herrera 's full press release, follow the jump.)