As most of you know by now, the George W Bush Sewage Plant proposal--news that SFist broke way back in March (yay, us!)--is making the rounds all across this great country of ours. And after landing on FOX News last week, the steady stream of hate mail makes for a fantastic read. Here are two of our favorite,most thought-provoking rebuttals so far. Ahem:

You truly are a cancerous ulcer on the anus of an AIDs Infected faggot. You think this is funny, why don’t you go and do something that is worth while instead of making a mockery of our President. If you don’t like this country then get the FUCK OUT. Better yet, take the majority of those knee jerk liberals from the Bay Area with you. Go try Lebanon or Iran and see how far your nonsense will take you there. The rest of this great country don’t need you and the rest of those knee jerk liberals up there with you.


They should put a picture of your mother's stinking, overgrown, sweaty bush on the sewage plat, you fucking cocksucker.

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