It's been an incredible success, yes? He's gone to Israel in order to (allegedly) build a bridge between the Bay Area and Israeli business leaders. (See what you've wrought, Rainbow Groceries?) And according to his schedule, Newsom started out in NYC today, but will be in WeHo later this afternoon to accept some silly award. Behold:

9:45 AM (EST)
Mayor Newsom to be interviewed by Dana Goodyear for New Yorker magazine's conference: "Stories from the Near Future." Mayor Newsom will highlight San Francisco's environmental accomplishments and address San Francisco's position as a nationally recognized leader for environmental initiatives in a session titled, "The Green City." The IAC Building 555 West 18th Street New York City

5:30 PM
Mayor Newsom to receive award and make brief remarks at West Hollywood awards ceremony.
The Lot
1041 N. Formosa Avenue
Los Angeles, CA

This begs the question: is he flying commercial or private? We wonder. Rumor has it that you can blow rails in the Jetty. But that, of course, is a vile, sick, and totally untrue rumor.

See you at the Abby, Gav.