Young whippersnapper, Santa Cruz resident 18-year-old Matthew Rosenberg, called his mom on Monday to tell her he had "tripped, broke his leg and was lost" in the Santa Cruz Mountains. He was half right. What he didn't tell her was that he was also bombed out of his mind on hallucinogenic mushrooms and a wee bit of acid. Oh yeah, and that he didn't break his leg.

An expensive rescue effort ensued, and Rosenberg was found safe and...very happy. According to Fire Captain Bill Finch:

"He was really gorked," Finch said of Rosenberg's condition when rescuers found him standing near a rock at the bottom of a ravine - more amused and bewildered than safe and sound. "He wasn't normal. He was like one of those guys who's been drinking a lot and starts saying, 'I love ya, man.'"

No criminal charges will be filed against the Los Gatos High School senior, but the kid's father tells ABC 7 that "he probably won't get to use the car for a while."